General Terms and Conditions

WittyBae Clothing Pvt. Ltd. maintains the internet portal WITTYBAE.COM, an online fashion store selling international women's wear and accessories.

Using Cash Back & Promo Codes/Coupons

  • Cash back Promo Code may not be valid for all the products on the website.
  • Special coupons should be redeemed within the given mentioned period. Once the validity is expired, it cannot be extended in any circumstances.
  • No more than one offer can be clubbed together using the Promo Code. Similarly, if Promo Code is applied during the placement of an order, Cash back cannot be generated.
  • In the rare occurrence, WITTYBAE.COM can cancel any promotional 'Promo Code' and the transactions in which they are used. Although, this is not applicable on Cash back Promo Codes.
  • Cash back amount is subject to change at the sole discretion of WITTYBAE.COM.

Images & Representations of Products/Services

  • Product Images are indicative in nature. There may be a slight variation in the actual product. We advise you to go through the product specification before placing any order.

E-Gift Cards

  • E-gift cards are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable
  • E-gift cards are valid for the period stated at the issue or a maximum of 180 days from the date of issue. Under any circumstances, E-gift cards cannot be extended or altered.


  • All deliveries will be made to the shipping address provided by you and will be attempted during normal working hours.
  • WITTYBAE.COM strives their best to ship your order as soon as possible and strictly adheres to the delivery timelines. However, due to non-availability of some product, timelines may get extended.
  • In an unforeseen situation, such as strike, energy or resource scarcity, official intervention, shipping difficulties or other unavoidable business complication, the shipping may be delayed and for which WITTYBAE.COM cannot be held responsible. However, the reasonable action taken by WITTYBAE.COM shall be well communicated on time.
  • After the failure of three well-attempted delivery due to customer’s fault, WITTYBAE.COM shall cancel the order and initiate the refund of order amount, if any, as WITTYBAE.COM credit.

Image & Content Rights

  • All imagery and content on the website belong solely to WITTYBAE.COM. The use of any such material, in any form or for any purpose, is prohibited unless unequivocal permission from WITTYBAE.COM has been granted.

Privacy Policy

  1. WITTYBAE.COM respects the privacy of the users of its website and has made their protection in all activities on the Internet highest priority. That means: We commit ourselves to ensuring that we treat all information provided by you with the highest diligence and integrity. This also and especially includes the cooperation with partners and third parties. WITTYBAE.COM, however, does not accept responsibility for third parties where this is not stated separately. We seek to protect your rights of privacy on systems and the site ( controlled by us, but we are not liable for any unauthorised or unlawful disclosures of your personal and confidential information made by third parties who are not subject to our control, for example advertisers and websites that have links to our Site.
  2. WITTYBAE.COM collects, stores and processes personal data solely in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions and to the extent necessary to fulfill the contractual relationship between the provider and the user or to provide the requested services necessary and required. Data about products that the user has put into the shopping cart can be used by the WITTYBAE.COM solely for their own marketing purposes. Moreover, address and order data is collected and processed for our own marketing purposes. Furthermore, according to the applicable law, anonymous user profiles may be used for internal market research purposes and to improve our range of products and services. Personal information means any information that the user of WITTYBAE.COM provides to us and that may be used to identify an individual (first and last name, address, fixed and mobile phone number). We secure our website and other systems through technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, access, modification and distribution of your data by unauthorized persons. Despite regular controls a complete protection against all dangers is, however, not possible.
  3. This website is using technologies provided by Google Analytics ( to collect data for optimization purposes. This data is used in order to create user profiles under a pseudonym. Cookies can be used for this. The collected data can be used by WITTYBAE.COM to present improved and individualized offers and services to the user on WITTYBAE.COM. This data will not be disclosed to third parties. You can prevent the installation of cookies as described under section 4. However, we want to emphasize that in this case the functionality of this website might be limited.
  4. The user also agrees to the disclosure of his information with regard to third parties insofar as necessary to fulfill the contractual relationship between WITTYBAE.COM and the user or to provide and improve the requested services necessary and required. Any further use of the data, particularly passing on or selling to third parties by WITTYBAE.COM is prohibited, except for the aforementioned purpose or if the passing on of data to third parties has explicitly been agreed upon.
  5. Every user can refuse the use of his data for advertisement purposes at any time without any reason from their "My Account" page.
  6. As a WITTYBAE.COM member you are able to invite other persons to become members of WITTYBAE.COM. Please be advised that you can only invite real, natural persons that you know personally. WITTYBAE.COM only sends the invitation to the invited person and does not use the data for any other purpose. Please be advised that the invitee will receive the invitation with your name.
  7. This website uses so-called social plugins ("plugins") of various social networks which are operated by their respective entities. Please read their Privacy Policies for further information on how they protect your personal data. If you do not want these parties to collect personal information about your visit to WITTYBAE.COM, please log out of them before visiting our website.
  8. General exceptions
    If we are required to intercept, disclose, monitor and/or store your personal information: (a) by law; (b) to conduct our business; (c) to secure our systems; or (d) to enforce our own rights, we will do so in the manner as prescribed by law. Such interception, disclosure, monitoring and storage may take place without your knowledge. In these cases, we will not be liable to you or any third party for any damages, howsoever, arising from such interception, disclosure, monitoring and storage. Additionally, we may monitor your personal information to the extent that this may be required to determine compliance and/or to identify instances of non-compliance. This monitoring may include (without limitation) the filtering of incoming and outgoing electronic data messages to identify, limit and/or prevent the transmission of spam, viruses and/or unlawful, defamatory, obscene or otherwise undesirable material or content. We may under certain circumstances procure an element of the services from a third party service provider. To the extent that it may be necessary, and solely for the purposes of providing the service to you, you agree that we may disclose to such third party any of your personal information that may be necessary for the procurement of services from the third party.

Changes in Policy

  • WITTYBAE.COM reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove any part from the Privacy Policy, at any time. It is your responsibility to check periodically for the changes.
  • Accessing, browsing or otherwise using the site indicates your unconditional agreement to all the terms and conditions, so please read this agreement carefully before proceeding. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy, please refrain from using our website.